Actors! Remember it is your responsibility to make the commitment to become a great actor. You should be constantly taking acting classes, and this is where the Chicago Motion Picture Studios' Acting School comes into play...

Seriously, you should question your commitment on a regular basis. Remember this job isn't for everyone, don't force it if you don't LOVE it. Your parents didn't tell you to be an actor they said to be a Doctor or Lawyer! Since your not listening to them in the first place make them proud of your decision by becoming successful! So commit and don't quit! "Break-A-Leg"

In Chicago you can be multi-listed with many agents. Since Chicago is more of a "commercial" oriented town rather then a "Film" town, that plays to the advantage of the actor. Sometimes you could be submitted by more than one agent, which means, the client or casting director may have a better chance to remember you!


TONY DE GUIDE started as a fitness model, then later signed with a talent agent. Tony attended a few local auditions and landed a role in a national commercial. From there Tony attended the Second City Training Center and a bunch of other acting schools. During this time he starred in plays at Victory Gardens Theater and Elmhurst College.

After moving to LA Tony interned at a casting agency while going to film school where he learned how to direct movies, music videos and commercials. Since then Tony has been cast in a few speaking roles in films like Groundhog Day, Only the Lonely, and his latest film as actor and director Voices from the Graves.

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Learn form the best, while working on real sets, and using top of the line industry equipment.


Class Schedules and Pricing

Prices start at $395 per eight week session. Limited actors per class. 18 years of age or older. 17 and under must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

7:30 to 10 PM
Introduction to Acting as a Business and Art
Instructor/s: Tony De Guide

7:30 to 10 PM
Meisner Techniques
Instructor/s: MUST AUDITION

6:30 to 10 PM
Intermediate Acting on Camera
Instructor/s: MUST AUDITION

7:30 to 10 PM
Advanced Acting on Camera
Instructor/s: MUST AUDITION

No Classes Scheduled

Noon to 3 PM
Children's Acting Class (Ages 5-12)
Teenage Acting Class (To be Announced)

No Classes Scheduled

Contact Information

For questions, concerns, and class registrations, please call 847.609.9990.


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Chicago Branch: 847.609.9990  Detroit Branch: 989.464.0672

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